Cars, Cops and Criminals

Cars, Cops and Criminals
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In the last ten years car crime has moved on and the story is no longer yobs stealing cars for kicks, its criminals stealing cars to order. Now they break into your house to steal the keys! For the first time, the car cops are co-ordinating their efforts nationwide and have allowed us unique behind the scenes access to the newly formed Vehicle Crime Intelligence Squad (AVCIS). We reveal how the AVCIS is cracking down on car crime with the cross border Operation Utah and seizing the cars from the crooks. In London we follow the criminals who are trading on the rise in scrap metal prices and lifting cars from the streets.

Title Cars, Cops and Criminals
First Air Date 09 Jul 2008
Last Air Date 30 Mar 2018
Genres Documentary , Reality , Special Interest,
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Networks BBC
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
1 1 Big Business 09 Jul 2008 Download Link
1 2 Casting the Net 16 Jul 2008 Download Link
1 3 Moving On 23 Jul 2008 Download Link
2 1 Soft Targets 10 Feb 2010 Download Link
2 2 Against the Odds 15 Feb 2010 Download Link
2 3 Crossing the Line 11 Mar 2010 Download Link
2 4 Crash for Cash 24 Aug 2010 Download Link
2 5 Fast and Dangerous 30 Aug 2010 Download Link